Content Warning: Dark Themes

Insomnia, a Poem by Kath Rella

I know not when I last truly slept,
for every night my mind’s disturbed.
Spiteful fingers caress my brain.
In the darkness, my cries are unheard.

Nights bring promise of something new.
A chance to run from the day departed,
yet fear’s cold grasp grips my weak body tight.
I cannot move from where I started.

To move forward would be some progress.
To cast aside the shackles of despair.
To embrace the future, to see some hope,
Awakening from endless nightmare.

But to sleep takes strength I do not have,
to silence the eternal drums of war,
ferociously beating without relent,
leaving both my mind and body sore.

Deprived of sleep I lie unsettled,
my weary eyes twitch, my tired muscles ache.
And without that sleep my nightmare goes on,
Left to weep ’til the coming daybreak.


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