Bundle of Joy, a Poem by Kath Rella.

A brand new puppy, a tiny bundle of joy,
So cute and excited, this sweet little boy.
We look on with glee, as we watch him explore,
the world before him; opportunity galore!
With boundless energy, our new faithful friend,
Sniffs all around him, new things to comprehend.
He rushes around from sunrise to sunset,
Time to go out, boy!
Oh, he’s pissed on the carpet.

Still accidents happen, and he is still so cute,
Though his endless yapping makes me wish he were mute,
Finally worn out, our little boy takes a nap,
And then the phone rings, and it’s back to the yap.
It’s early days though, things will surely improve,
I say as his teeth from my shoes I remove.
You’ve got your own food. No you can’t have that!
And almost in spite, he’s started shagging my hat.

Call me crazy but I’m beginning to think,
Andrex puppies had something slipped in their drink,
Not once do I recall while playing with bog roll,
Did they eat it, smile and throw up in their bowl.
You keep on grinning through those mischievous lips,
I’ll get my revenge when we give you the snip.
I leave for a moment and he starts to cry
And when I return he’s poo’d on the floor.
I sigh.

I can’t have a bath without him wanting to join,
Yet if I bathe him myself he goes for the groin.
There are times I think this was all a mistake,
To tolerate this one must be a fruitcake,
He barks and he cries and he causes a mess,
Tearing up papers, who’s he trying to impress?
Yet for all this commotion I smile as I see,
Snuggling in my lap, snoozing.
He’s the dog for me.