Ashes of the Forgotten: A Background

Ashes of the Forgotten well be my debut novel. Those who read my New Year’s Resolution post may remember I mentioned my intention to publish updates. Today, I’ve revised and edited another chapter and have just finished lunch. While I enjoy the post-feeding satisfaction and sip my coffee, I thought it a good time to make good on that promise.

Ashes of the Forgotten Premise

The Empire of Pentarth stretches from the snow-capped mountains of Goshlaw in the north to the arid lands of Abalara in the south. Citizens of the Empire have never known anything else. The origins of the Marriclond dynasty, rulers of Pentarth since the Age of Shadow, are unknown. History is nothing more than a collection of myths, legends and hearsay. The once Great Library of Centralis, the capital of the Empire, has been sealed shut. Whatever secrets lie within are guarded by an army so vast that it accounts for almost half of the sprawling city’s population.

Few dare to ask questions, and those who do, even in assumed privacy are often never seen again.

Miala Drenn has always been an inquisitive girl. The mystery of the Great Library has long fascinated her. It calls to her in a way she cannot understand. Driven by maddening curiosity, she defies the city’s curfew and sneaks past the guards. What she witnesses sets her on a path to find the Ashes of the Forgotten.

History of My Writing

If you’ve visited this site before, you’ll likely be aware that I’m a full-time carer. I’ve blogged a few times on various carer-related topics. One thing I’ve hit upon is the need to have goals, to have ambitions that you can realise. Caring is a difficult life. At times, it’s imprisoning. My opportunities to engage in the things others take for granted are few. Even taking the dog for a walk each morning requires a degree of preparation. Everything else is planned as though it were a military operation.

When your day-to-day life is so unflinchingly monotonous, distractions from the drudgery are welcome. I do not resent my lot in life, nor do I resent my mother who is dependent on me. However, I do need the occasional escape.

Originally, I wrote silly little stories, most not worthy of any form of publication. They were just ways to idle away time. Soon, writing became an outlet. Putting words to the page was a way of expressing the feelings swirling in my mind like a tornado that I dare not speak out loud. Characters became representations of me. Some bore the traits I am most proud, others the traits of which I’m most ashamed. Gradually, ideas formed and Ashes of the Forgotten began to take shape.

My Plans

While I would love to set a release date, my prior attempts to commit to a self-imposed deadline have failed spectacularly. I do have a draft manuscript written, and over the coming months plan to thoroughly edit and revise my work. My intention is to post a few excerpts on this site as a teaser.

Whatever happens, though, my intention is to publish the book at some point this year. I have plans going forward to create a series of stories set in the same fictional world. Back in 2014, I wrote a novella entitled Shadow of the Night Witch. Once Ashes of the Forgotten is ready, I plan to revise Shadow of the Night Witch and make it the second instalment in the series.

And that’s it for this update. I hope it is the first of many!

Thanks for reading,