Penance 2009 - Kath Rella's Movie Musings

Kath’s Movie Musings: Penance (2009)

Some musings on 2009 found-footage horror movies, 'Penance'. TL;DR: Not for the squeamish.
Kath's Movie Musings: The Stuff (1985)

Kath’s Movie Musings: The Stuff (1985)

Musings on the 1985 satirical comedy-horror movie, The Stuff. Written and directed by visionary Larry Cohen who foresaw our chlorinated chicken future.
Kath's Movie Musings: Road Games (2015)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Road Games (2015)

You know your trip is going well when you've lost your suitcases and have to hitch your way across France to get home. Still could be worse...

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