Let's Scare Jessica to Death - Kath's Movie Musings

Kath’s Movie Musings: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Musings on Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971). Starring Zohra Lambert, Garton Heyman and Mariclare Costello. Directed by John Hancock - no, not that one.
Penance 2009 - Kath Rella's Movie Musings

Kath’s Movie Musings: Penance (2009)

Some musings on 2009 found-footage horror movies, 'Penance'. TL;DR: Not for the squeamish.
Kath's Movie Musings: Sawney: Flesh of Man (2012)

Kath’s Movie Musings: ‘Sawney: Flesh of Man’ (2012)

Musings on 'Sawney: Flesh of Man' (2012) starring David Hayward and some other alleged actors.
Kath's Movie Musings: The Stuff (1985)

Kath’s Movie Musings: The Stuff (1985)

Musings on the 1985 satirical comedy-horror movie, The Stuff. Written and directed by visionary Larry Cohen who foresaw our chlorinated chicken future.
Kath's Movie Musings: Road Games (2015)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Road Games (2015)

You know your trip is going well when you've lost your suitcases and have to hitch your way across France to get home. Still could be worse...
The Corpse of Anna Fritz: Kath Rella's Movie Musings

Kath’s Movie Musings: The Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)

Musings on 2015 horror/thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz. TL;DR Better than normal handling of nauseating subject matter.
Kath's Movie Musings: Charlie's Farm (2014)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Charlie’s Farm (2014)

Musings on Charlie's Farm (2014). Starring Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Allira Jacques, Dean Kirkwright and Sam Coward. Directed by Chris Sun.
Kath Rella's Movie Musings: Cherry Tree (2015)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Cherry Tree (2015)

Some musings on the 2015 occult/supernatural horror Cherry Tree. TL;DR: Fast and futile.
Kath Rella Movie Musings: Crawl (2011)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Crawl (2011)

Musings on Crawl (2011). Directed by Paul China. Starring George Shetsov, Georgina Haig and Paul Holmes. TL;DR: Had potential but too much style, not enough substance.
Kath Rella's Movie Musings - Muck (2015)

Kath’s Movie Musings: Muck (2015)

Some musings on the 2015 horror/slasher film Muck. Boobs and blood, about sums it up.

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