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Gaming is a passion of mine. Here is where I witter about it.

Five Years Late: Musings on Dragon Age 2 - Kath Rella

Five Years Late: Musings on Dragon Age II

Some musings on 2011 video game Dragon Age II. TL;DR I feel the hate is a little harsh.
Cities: Skylines, More Pics of New Aston - Kath Rella

Cities: Skylines, More Pictures of New Aston

I've dubbed my city New Aston. Here's some pictures from the districts of Bethridge and Corwood.
Mass Effect Andromeda | Kath Rella

How I Would Continue the Story of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda may be dead but I still enjoyed the game enough to want to see more. Here are my ramblings on how I would proceed with the story.

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