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A collection of thoughts. Random musings, carer topics and the occasional rant await within.

General Election 2017: Apathy

General Election 2017: Struggling With Apathy

Six weeks of listening to adults coming up with creative ways to call each other a wanker. As if we hadn't had enough already, it's election time again.
A Man Called Matt Hancock MP

A Man Called Matt Hancock MP: Tamer of the Wild West

He's not a Man With No Name, he's Matt Hancock and he's riding into the outlaw's lair to take the fight to them. Armed with his trusty pistol of righteousness, Matt will tame the Wild West of the Internet or ruin everything trying.
Carer Thoughts: Tired, Grumpy and Dealing With It - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: Tired, Grumpy and Dealing With It

I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure most carers get an attack of the grumps. Here's how I deal with it.
Kath Rella Weekly Review Week 1 February 2017

Kath’s Weekly Review: Week 1, February 2017

Tiredness has been the keyword over the past week. Still, I've managed to get a couple of things done including a new blog post and some serious adulting!
Coping With Caring - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: Ideas for Coping With Caring

Some thoughts on things that have helped me cope with caring over the years.
Kath Rella Weekly Review: Week 3, January 2017

Kath’s Weekly Review: Week 3, January 2017

More blog posts, techie shenanigans, cutting down on Red Bull and continuing with my novel. This week's review from Kath Rella.
My Study With The Open University - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: My Open University Study

Some of my motivations for and experiences of studying with The Open University.
My Experience With Depression - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: My Experience With Depression

My experience of living with depression for as long as I can remember.
Cities: Skylines - Kath Rella

Cities: Skylines; Quick Trip to Elmsbury, New Aston

A quick trip to Elmsbury, New Aston in my ongoing Cities: Skylines project.

LGBT Relationships: What Mass Effect Should Learn from Dragon Age

Romance is a big selling point in Bioware's promo materials. Yet, Mass Effect short-changes LGBT players in a way their other IP, Dragon Age, does not.

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