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Kath Rella's Weekly Review - Week 1, January 2017

Kath’s Weekly Review: Week 1, January 2017

A brief summary of my achievement's during the 1st week of 2017. This week - novel revisions, scriptwriting, essays and website revamps!
Blocked by Facebook

Blocked by Facebook: Oh Well, Whatever, Never Mind

Unfortunately, after failing in my duty to behave like a pre-programmed drone, Facebook has blocked my account. The unblock fee? More personal data. Hmm...
My Study With The Open University - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: My Open University Study

Some of my motivations for and experiences of studying with The Open University.
A Man Called Matt Hancock MP

A Man Called Matt Hancock MP: Tamer of the Wild West

He's not a Man With No Name, he's Matt Hancock and he's riding into the outlaw's lair to take the fight to them. Armed with his trusty pistol of righteousness, Matt will tame the Wild West of the Internet or ruin everything trying.
Blocked! The Absurd Application of Web Filters

Blocked! The Absurd Application of Web Filters

Overprotective web filters designed to puritanical ideals pose a problem for small businesses, depression sufferers and vulnerable people they're supposed to help.
If You Don't Know About International Men's Day, It's Because You Don't Really Care

If You Didn’t Know About International Men’s Day, It’s Because You Don’t Really Care

International Men's Day is November 19th. When you criticise International Women's Day for having no male equivalent, you're simply proving you don't care.
Five Years Late: Musings on Dragon Age 2 - Kath Rella

Five Years Late: Musings on Dragon Age II

Some musings on 2011 video game Dragon Age II. TL;DR I feel the hate is a little harsh.
Cities: Skylines, More Pics of New Aston - Kath Rella

Cities: Skylines, More Pictures of New Aston

I've dubbed my city New Aston. Here's some pictures from the districts of Bethridge and Corwood.
Cities: Skylines - Kath Rella

Cities: Skylines, Or Why I’m Not a Town Planner

A few pictures from my work-in-progress in Cities: Skylines, and some thoughts on why it's superior to SimCity.
My Experience With Depression - Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: My Experience With Depression

My experience of living with depression for as long as I can remember.

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