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Theresa May's Dangerous Ignorance of Technology

Theresa May’s Dangerous Ignorance of Technology

A country that works for everyone! Except for technology. Technology should only work for Theresa May, which is worrying because she doesn't know the first thing about any of it.
We Need to Talk About Porn

Who Might Be Controlling Your Data in Future? We Need to Talk About Porn

The UK's pursuit of online safety could lead to a pornography company having access to large amounts of your private data. Shouldn't we know who they are?
Blocked! The Absurd Application of Web Filters

Blocked! The Absurd Application of Web Filters

Overprotective web filters designed to puritanical ideals pose a problem for small businesses, depression sufferers and vulnerable people they're supposed to help.
Mass Effect Andromeda | Kath Rella

How I Would Continue the Story of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda may be dead but I still enjoyed the game enough to want to see more. Here are my ramblings on how I would proceed with the story.

The Most Irksome Bioware Characters

Bioware has created some of the most memorable characters in video games. Here's a list of the characters that, for a variety of reasons, grind my gears.
Let's Have a Natter About Depression Myths

Let’s Have a Natter About Depression Myths

Since ATOS think it's okay to ask depression sufferers why they haven't killed themselves, let's examine some of the myths about depression.
Carer Thoughts: The Cost of Brexit on Carers | Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: The Cost of Brexit on Carers

Brexit: Higher grocery costs. Higher energy costs. Higher almost everything costs. When Carers Allowance forms the bulk of your income, this is a problem.

Yes, I’m Still Here…

I've actually updated my blog! Enjoy this nearly completely pointless rant where I lament heat, lack of sleep and bad luck - and I plug some stuff too.
General Election 2017: Apathy

General Election 2017: Struggling With Apathy

Six weeks of listening to adults coming up with creative ways to call each other a wanker. As if we hadn't had enough already, it's election time again.

LGBT Relationships: What Mass Effect Should Learn from Dragon Age

Romance is a big selling point in Bioware's promo materials. Yet, Mass Effect short-changes LGBT players in a way their other IP, Dragon Age, does not.

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