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Let's Have a Natter About Depression Myths

Let’s Have a Natter About Depression Myths

Since ATOS think it's okay to ask depression sufferers why they haven't killed themselves, let's examine some of the myths about depression.
Carer Thoughts: The Cost of Brexit on Carers | Kath Rella

Carer Thoughts: The Cost of Brexit on Carers

Brexit: Higher grocery costs. Higher energy costs. Higher almost everything costs. When Carers Allowance forms the bulk of your income, this is a problem.

Yes, I’m Still Here…

I've actually updated my blog! Enjoy this nearly completely pointless rant where I lament heat, lack of sleep and bad luck - and I plug some stuff too.
General Election 2017: Apathy

General Election 2017: Struggling With Apathy

Six weeks of listening to adults coming up with creative ways to call each other a wanker. As if we hadn't had enough already, it's election time again.

LGBT Relationships: What Mass Effect Should Learn from Dragon Age

Romance is a big selling point in Bioware's promo materials. Yet, Mass Effect short-changes LGBT players in a way their other IP, Dragon Age, does not.
If You Don't Know About International Men's Day, It's Because You Don't Really Care

If You Didn’t Know About International Men’s Day, It’s Because You Don’t Really Care

International Men's Day is November 19th. When you criticise International Women's Day for having no male equivalent, you're simply proving you don't care.
Kath's Weekly Review

Kath’s Weekly Review: Week 4, February 2017

It's been a tough couple of weeks, filled with tiredness and depression. Still, you have to climb back up to get back up so let's give it a go.
The Trouble With Internet Advertising - Kath Rella

The Trouble With Internet Adverts!

The more people try and push adverts, the more they push people to adblockers. Perhaps it is time to review some of these stupid practices?
Kath Rella Weekly Review Week 1 February 2017

Kath’s Weekly Review: Week 1, February 2017

Tiredness has been the keyword over the past week. Still, I've managed to get a couple of things done including a new blog post and some serious adulting!
The Media and Silly Science: Pack It In, Eh? | Kath Rella

The Media and Silly Science: Pack It In, Eh?

The media are turning science into clickbait. In doing so, they muddle real science with nonsense science and risk people dismissing science.

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