Unable to Halt the Relentless March of Time

Some people swear by to-do lists to keep themselves organised. In my experience, such lists only serve to remind you how far behind you are in your goals. For every single thing you’re able to cross off it, you’ve already added one or two more. At the beginning of the year, I resolved to make at least one post per week on this website. The fact that I haven’t posted since April at this point is evidence enough of how that lofty ambition has turned out. My only defence is that, as my About page acknowledges, I am a frightfully dull individual.

Lemur | Kath Rella
Even this thing thinks I’m boring…

Okay, that isn’t the only reason for my absence over the past few months. I’ve been trying my damnedest to get my novel finished up and published; I may have tragically underestimated just how much work that would be! Additionally, I have a small job working from home which has kept me extra busy lately, and my caring commitments are as demanding as ever.

A Pox on Me!

I’ve also fallen victim to a spate of what some might call bad luck. My previous desktop computer decided to take an early trip to hardware heaven. This irritation left me with only a laptop for everything. I’m sure that some people love working on laptops. Personally, I find them suitable for farting about on and little else. The experience of being forced to use a laptop for the likes of PowerPoint and web design is a greater torture than when an errant pubic hair is yanked out after somehow becoming snagged in your underwear.

Broken PC | Kath Rella
This is a completely inaccurate representation of what happened.

But hey, shit happens, right? It would have been preferable, although no less annoying, had that shit happened before I’d blown money on a new phone and an SSD for said laptop. At least I have a desktop – of sorts – again now. Unfortunately, my current rig (as all the cool kids call them) is unable to support my graphics card. However, that is at least fixable in the future – possibly around September; unless something even more important decides to break before then. Probably the fridge. Until then, quite a large proportion of my games library is off-limits to me. I can run some on that laptop but if I so much as think about playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, it’s likely to catch fire.

Sleeping Futility

Tiredness and fatigue, as always, has also been a factor. I remember when I was growing up, spring and summer were relatively predictable, weather wise. Now, we have heat waves in May; it pisses it down for a time in June and then begins the delightful cycle where the mercury bounces up and down like a caffeine-addled orangutang on a pogo stick. Because we Britons don’t do well in the cold (which becomes painfully obvious when half an inch of snow is considered a national emergency) every crevice of our homes is stuffed full of insulation. While retaining heat is desirable in the winter, in the summer the experience for those of us stuck indoors is like bathing in napalm. One might even consider allowing a freshly cooked chicken Kiev to explode in their face in order to cool down a bit.

Hot | Kath Rella
Ahh, the sweet, cooling effects of some sort of foundry.

I don’t mix well with heat. Somehow my body is capable of flooding the Sahara with sweat the moment the temperature creeps too high. Today is overcast and yet my demonic house is over twenty degrees; a temperature that I’ve been informed is actually enjoyable to some! Madness. While in the state of perpetual perspiration, I am unable to sleep well. I don’t get that much sleep at the best of times. It is much worse, though, during hot weather. While exhausted, my concentration vanishes like a cheesy stage magician and I end up babbling on with weird little rants – much like this one.

Time to Plug My Shit

If you’ve read the diatribe above, congratulations. There really is no point to it and your reward for doing so is that I’m going to plug myself. Kinda…

Last year, I wrote an essay on privacy issues related to LGBTQ+ people and the unseen, potentially dangerous consequences recent UK legislation could have on marginalised groups. A month or two ago, that essay was published alongside others in a book called Queer Privacy, edited by security and anonymity researcher, Sarah Jamie Lewis.

If you would like to check it out, you can grab an ebook version from Leanpub. It is also available via Amazon in dead-tree format.

Finally, here’s some not-quite-final cover art for my novel, Ashes of the Forgotten.