One Down, Eleven to Go

Hard to believe that we are already in February. There’s no greater reminder than the slew of direct debits that pop out of my accounts around this time. Ugh. Still, such is life and time moves on – too quickly at times.

This will likely be a short Weekly Review. You may have noticed that I only put up one post over the past week. It is my Movie Musing on the film Sawney: Flesh of Man. I’ve had quite a busy time over the past week or so. My mother has been unwell, which means that my usual caring duties have increased.

On a more positive note, my girlfriend had a few days off work and spent a long weekend here.

I won’t bother with my usual list of achievements. The truth is, I haven’t managed anything of note this week. A little more work towards Ashes of the Forgotten, and catching up on some other things aside, I’ve been experiencing a bit of a post-New Year malaise.

It’s a new month, however. With that comes another chance to kick start my motivation and get back on the horse (and dabble in some deliberate mixing of metaphors!). I have a few ideas for some blog posts lined up, and I would like to get more work done on my novel. My mother seems to have gotten past her illness now, as well. Hopefully, that will free up a little more time!

And with that, into February we go! Let’s hope I have a bit more to report next week.