A Couple of Days Late!


Friday is the day I have previously posted my Weekly Review. However, this week my Friday was taken up by waiting for Amazon and then installing a new SSD into my laptop.

I have a strange fondness for a little red laptop I own. I’m not sure why. I bought it four years ago. It’s not the most powerful device (i5-3230M, 8GB RAM, 635M GPU, 1366 x 768 resolution screen) and it’s quite heavy for a 15″ laptop, yet I’ve always liked it. I think it might be because the keyboard is one of the few laptop keyboards I’ve ever gotten along with.

Anyway, having received a chunky Amazon gift certificate, I decided to speed it up a notch. So I purchased a small SSD for it, along with a caddy to swap the optical drive out and put the existing slow-as-all-hell HDD in its place.

Achievement #1: Getting Red Laptop Up To Scratch

This took longer than anticipated. I used the included Acronis software to clone the disk, hoping to spare myself the aggravation of reinstalling everything. After a while, it became abundantly clear that the Windows installation was slightly corrupted. This may have exacerbated the overall slow performance of the mechanical drive.

After using the “Reset this PC” option in Windows, and reinstalling all the applications (ugh), I am now delighted by the performance boost. No longer will my little red laptop remain in Sleep for many hours at a time, nor shall I dread the “Windows Needs to Restart” messages for fear of losing an hour of my life.

Achievement #2: Website Updates

Yep, I’ve been keeping the site updated, as per my New Year’s Resolution. This week’s posts:

Movie Musings: Musings on Shudder Horror Streaming Service

Movie Musings: Crawl (2011)

Carer Thoughts: Planning for a Future After Caring

Blog: Automated DMs on Twitter, Pack it In, Eh?

Writing: Ashes of the Forgotten Prologue (Draft)

I’d like to thank Laura for replying to my Ashes of the Forgotten prologue with some kind words, and constructive criticism!

Achievement #3: Ashes of the Forgotten Work

While I still shy away from setting a potential release date for Ashes of the Forgotten, I am moving along with it. I had set myself a goal of editing/revising a chapter a day, but that was a bit optimistic given my carer role.

Therefore, I’ve set myself a more achievable goal of getting some work done on it each day. Even if I only revise a paragraph, it’s still a step closer. This week I’ve managed to stick to that goal, with the exception of Friday. Saturday is excluded as that’s the day I spend with my girlfriend.

Achievement #4: Reorganising Files and Folders

In addition to red laptop’s shiny new SSD, I was able to purchase a 4TB HDD for my desktop. About three or four months ago, one of the HDDs in my desktop died although, fortunately, I was able to get everything off there before it was fully kaput (save for my Cities: Skylines city! *sob*).

Since then, I’ve been forced to use an increasingly cluttered drive for most of my desktop stuff. Thankfully, with the new drive, plus a 5TB external drive I recently won in a competition (yay!), I’ve been able to begin reorganising things to make everything easier to find. Hopefully, this will boost my productivity. There’s nothing more annoying, and time-consuming than crawling through HDD’s trying to find documents because Windows search is taking forever.

Achievement #5: Cutting Down on Energy Drinks

In a few of my Carer Thoughts posts, I’ve mentioned that I do not get enough sleep. This led to something of a vicious circle where I would be drinking a Red Bull (or the cheap Tesco knock-off equivalent per day). Clearly, this isn’t healthy and likely makes it even harder to get to sleep.

So over the past few months, I’ve made an effort to power through bouts of fatigue rather than seek extra stimulation. If I’ve been really tired, I’ve tried a simple cup of coffee first. While my coffee consumption is still in the region of four a day, I’ve significantly cut down on energy drinks. This past week, I’ve only had one glass of Tesco’s Kx, and I’m feeling better for it.

Wrapping Up

And that’s about it for this week. I shall endeavour to continue plodding along with my site and novel. It’s somewhat stunning to think we’re almost through January! How time does fly!

For anyone interested, the artwork I’ve used for this post is from an artist called “Comfreak” and is available royalty-free via Pixabay.