Brr, it’s cold outside! We have snow here, hence the picture above! What better time than to enjoy a hot cappuccino and write my Weekly Review?

I’m still managing to keep up with my New Year’s Resolution to be more productive. As explained in last week’s post, a Weekly Review of my accomplishments for the past week is part of an ongoing attempt to make myself accountable; mostly to myself.

So without further ado, here’s what I managed to do last week.

Achievement #1: Website Renovations Finished

In my previous Weekly Review, I mentioned that I still had a few tweaks to make to my new-looking site. This is a slight cheat including it in this week’s, but after I had posted the previous Weekly Review, I sat down and made the final adjustments.

Now, all of the low-resolution images are swapped with high-resolution versions, or where appropriate, different pictures.

Achievement #2: Updating Website

I’ve found the time to make several new posts over the past seven days:

Blog: Silly Things People Say About Bisexuals

Movie Musings: Blood Rage (1987)

Movie Musings: The Green Inferno (2013)

Writing: Ashes of the Forgotten: An Introduction

I’m mostly happy that I’ve managed to update each main section of my website. Hopefully, I can keep that momentum rolling!

Achievement #3: Ashes of the Forgotten

At the beginning of the year, I intended to set myself a target of editing/revising at least one chapter per day. The truth is, though, in my current situation as a full-time carer, this is overly optimistic. On three consecutive days in the past week, I had far less sleep than is ample. Consequently, both my focus and motivation suffer as a result.

Therefore, I have revised this target somewhat. It’s still my goal to edit a chapter a day, but I’m cutting myself some slack. Providing I do something, even if it’s only a couple of paragraphs, it’s progress. Having two more paragraphs revised than the previous day is still a step in the right direction. It might slow my progress, but it’s preferable to placing unrealistic expectations on myself.

Furthermore, I’ve channelled my waning energy into Achievement #2. Writing Movie Musings or Blog posts doesn’t take as much effort. However, there’s still the benefit that I’ve accomplished something.

Onward and Upward

I haven’t accomplished anything else of note this week. Not unless you count cleaning the house? Heh. For the coming week, I intend to keep pressing on with my novel and make a few more updates on this site. I’m mulling over a few ideas for a new Carer Thoughts post, and I will most likely have a new Movie Musing or two written.

Mostly, I want to carry on with my novel work. I’ll be doing some later today. Currently, I’m waiting for the Tesco man to bring me my groceries. I abhor interruptions while focusing on my fiction, so I opted to write this post a little earlier this week as doing so is still a somewhat productive use of my time!

Thanks for reading!