In the Words of Groundskeeper Willie…

Och, I’m bad at this. These posts are getting slightly later each week! In my defence, yesterday I was hit with inspiration, born from frustration, and posted a rant about science as clickbait. It would have been a bit much to post the Weekly Review as well!

On the whole, tiredness is the keyword for the past week. Those familiar with my Carer Thoughts posts may have noticed that I often speak about being fatigued. It is fair to say that I do not get enough sleep. Today I’m functioning on roughly six hours, which is quite good by my standards. On more than one day last week, I was operating on less than four, and if you’ve read these weekly posts previously, you may note I’m trying to kick the energy drink habit! It’s difficult, at times.

Achievements this Week

As with last week, there seems little point in breaking each achievement down into its own heading. I’ve already mentioned my science post, which keeps my site up-to-date. Due to my fatigue, I’ve not managed to do as much as I would have liked on Ashes of the Forgotten. Some progress has been made, but I imagine it will still be a few months before the book is ready for publication.

You may have noticed that the site is a little snappier. When fatigued, I lack the focus for writing and editing, but I can still put my mind to work in other ways. Therefore, I’ve done a little backend tinkering to make my website more speedy. The home page now loads in around two seconds. Yay!


My biggest achievement this week is behaving like an adult and getting my finances in order. When you’re surviving on Carer’s Allowance, money can be tight, and in truth, I’ve never been the best at budgeting. Therefore, I nabbed the idea from a friend and made up a spreadsheet listing my incoming and outgoings on a day-by-day basis for the remainder of the year.¬†Since my income is weekly, I feel this makes more sense than a monthly budget.

The good news is that if I stick to my budget, things are not looking too bad. At the risk of upsetting Phillip Schofield, I’ve allowed myself a few treats along the way. I have even budgeted for birthday and Christmas presents for mum! No desperate scrambling this year!

Of course, willpower is perhaps not my strong suit. It will take quite a bit of work to stick to my budget, but I’ve got myself some help on that front. We shall see how it goes!

That’s All For Now

Yes, that wraps up this weekly review. As you can tell, not a whole lot happening. My plans for the next seven days involve another post on here, getting more sleep and ensuring I keep up the work on Ashes of the Forgotten.

Wish me luck!