Hello there!

You can read a little about me on my About page.

I’ve been interested in writing for some time. However, between studying with the Open University, caring for my mother and struggling with depression, I’ve found my motivation ebbs and flows. This website has been planned for many years, but only now have I finally created it. It’s my hope that from now on I will be able to harness my creative energy, intermittent as it may be, to give myself an outlet online for the things that rattle around in my muddled mind.

I do hope that anyone who comes across this site can find something they enjoy. I don’t profess to be a good writer, a good poet or even a particularly interesting person. I am just me, and that’s all I can be.

This blog section will mostly be used for random thoughts, updates on games I’m playing or just things I want to get off my chest. If you’re interested in my creative writing, you can find some examples of my poetry, short stories or scripts in the Writing section.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope in the future I can bring you some enjoyment, somehow.