I’ve Dubbed it New Aston

For no reason in particular, I’ve decided my city is called New Aston. I just happen to like that name. New Aston is still quite a small city. I have used a plugin to activate twenty-five tiles, so there is plenty of expansion potential. New Aston currently consists of the districts of Bethridge, Corwood and Carlsbury (as seen in my previous post), along with Lakeside North, Lakeside South, Morston and Carlston.


We’ll return to Bethridge first, today. This first picture looks down on Bethridge from the intersection located on the hill visible in my previous post. This is one of three roads into the small district, providing a direct connection to the industrial district at Carlston, as well as access to the roads leading to other areas of New Aston. In the distance, you can see that Bethridge is home to New Aston’s major water pumping facilities, as well as some energy generators. As it was the first district I constructed, this was more through necessity than planning. I would stay away from the river; it’s a bit brown.

Cities Skylines New Aston Bethridge

In this next picture, we join Bethridge at one of the other roads into the district. This is the main road that connects to Corwood, bypassing the industrial area in Carlston. This road connects directly to the Bethridge ring-road that is lined with the majority of Bethridge’s shops, restaurants and limited nightlife spots.

Cities Skylines Bethridge New Aston

Our final shot of Bethridge for today is deep in the residential area located inside the ring road. These are some of the houses leading up the hill.

Cities:Skylines New Aston Bethridge


Next up, we’ll revisit Corwood – the slightly more affluent, sprawling residential district. If you live in north or south Corwood, you’re well-catered to for public services. If you live in the middle, not so much. There are bus and taxi services but the railway and subway systems don’t have access points in the centre.

Continuing with my hideously inept town-planning abilities, some might take issue with the location of this recreational area. There may be the small possibility of passing cars being struck by footballs.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Corwood 1

And here on the edge of Corwood, bordering Carlston, we see that I may need to have words with whoever I have put in charge of the train service. This line seems to be somewhat oversubscribed.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Corwood 2

Corwood does have a Tesco and an Ikea though!

Cities: Skylines New Aston Corwood 3

Being the sport-minded place that Corwood is, they also have a semi-professional football team. There are several professional teams in New Aston but the locals in Corwood are very proud of their grassroots team. They may not have big-name players, and there are rumours that there’s something iffy about the pies but it’s still a popular club. Not today, though, because there isn’t a game on.

Corwood Athletic FC plays its home games at this quaint little stadium.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Corwood Stadium

And finally for today, there’s this lovely night shot from the woodland surrounding Corwood. Due to it’s slight elevation, you can see the lights of other areas of New Aston shimmering in the distance. You can also tell that I probably should put down some sort of safety-barrier to protect people being hit by trains. That’s a lot of effort, though.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Corwood 5

I’ll publish some more images from other areas of New Aston soon!