New Aston: It’s Been a Month!

I’ve just realised that it’s been exactly a month since I last posted about my Cities: Skylines project! Ah, who cares? Me, and that’s enough.

Although it has been a month since I last posted some screenshots, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. Steam reckons I’ve put 100 hours into Cities: Skylines now! Admittedly, not all of that will have been on New Aston. Nor will it account for the times I’ve left the game running while I’ve been in the bath! Nevertheless, Cities: Skylines, and New Aston, have been taking up a fair amount of my free time.

First, let’s take a look at the city’s urban sprawl.

Cities: Skylines New Aston
It’s growing!

This image isn’t entirely up to date but it is reasonably accurate. Currently, I’ve built on a little under a third of the available map space. My main goal is to spread towards the coast, where I will construct a major tourism, commercial and business hub.


Elmsbury is the newest area of New Aston. It’s the southernmost area on the image above. Elmsbury is primarily low-density residential, sandwiching a leisure district and small office area with Hallerton in the north.

Cities: Skylines, New Aston, Elmsbury
Rain, rain, go away…

Elmsbury has a large park separating it from the louder commercial and office areas. The University overlooks the park.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Elmsbury Avenue

The main avenue of Elmsbury leads to the office blocks and leisure district to the north.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Elmsbury Avenue Day

During the day, you can see how green and pleasant Elmsbury is. It’s also reasonably quiet, despite the high-capacity road. This is because Elmsbury is very well served by public transport.

Cities: Skylines New Aston Elmsbury

In this image, you can see the high school (forward, left) next to the parks area. The large building in the distance is the hospital. And there’s a wind-turbine, to keep the environmentalists happy while I continue to concrete over the surrounding countryside!

I need to sort through the rest of my screenshots to work out what goes where! Once I’ve done that, I’ll post another update on New Aston’s continued growth.

Thanks for reading!