It’s Break Time

Given that the last post I wrote on this site was about depression, I figured simply going quiet may have some alarming connotations!

There’s a Christening in the family. My mother has been asked to attend. Due to the distances involved, it was decided it would be prudent to turn this into a short-break. She’ll be gone from later today to either Sunday 2nd, or Monday 3rd October. I’ll be staying here.

Yellowstone Carer Thoughts
Neither of us will actually be here. This is Yellowstone National Park. I just thought this picture was pretty.

My plan is for my girlfriend, who also has next week off work, to spend the week here. We have some ideas for what to do, although they are slightly complicated by the fact I had a tooth extracted earlier this week. Even with a gaping hole in my gum, whatever we do will surely be more exciting than the last time I had a week off. I think I spent the week watching X-Men films and playing GTAV.

I do have a dog to look after and my little pup-wup would not do well in kennels so getting out and about is tricky. Fortunately, and thankfully, my girlfriend’s mother is going to look after the dog on one day so we can go out and do things. Preferably once this gaping chasm in my mouth has healed!


It’s funny though – as much as I’m looking forward to having the house to myself and a romantic week with my girlfriend, I do feel guilty. While I may have had a moan recently about mum, she’s not that bad. We generally get on quite well. So when I’m actually looking forward to her being gone for a bit, I do feel a bit guilty over it.

Carer Thoughts Pasture
I also think this is pretty.

I know that I’m entitled to time off. I spend enough time on here ramming home that point to others. “Me” time is very important for everyone. I know I’ll miss her when she’s not here, and I’ll probably be the numpty wanting to call every day to check on her. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s a role-reversal of sorts. I know my mum still sees me as a little girl at times, but perhaps I see her the same way, in a manner of speaking? I know, deep down, everything will be fine for a little over a week but there’s still a tiny bit of me that thinks if something did go wrong, I’d be letting her down.


For a change though, I’m not going to be rabbiting on for 1,000 words or more. I still have things to do to get mum ready! And I know that guilt isn’t really a good thing. It has the potential to nag away at you and harm your chances to have fun and take that well earned break. So I’m going to be positive! I’m sure mum will benefit from a break from me, as well, and where she’s staying is in a nice, green part of the country so the change of scenery should do her a lot of good.

Countryside Carer Thoughts
And I think this is very pretty.

The primary purpose of this post was simply to let the handful of regular visitors to my site know I won’t be making any new posts until early-October. We’ll probably be watching quite a lot of movies over the next week, so I might add some more Movie Musings when I get back online.